Got a girl that laid 8/24 still doesnt want to go back on food

So my spotnose laid 9 eggs on 8/24. Ive cleaned and changed tub. New coco and all. Whats the average time for a big female to go back on food? Will a complete position change in rack location help? She lost 1100 gs after laying i really want her back to eating asap.

Did you wash her off as well?

If you completely washed her tub and the female herself you are just gonna have to be patient, it has not been that long, and sometime some females will actually resume feeding around the time their clutch actually hatch.


Both of mine went back on feed within the week

Thanks guys. I had complete brain fart and forgot to wash her. Really cant believe i forgot that part. Thanks guys for the replies. Ill do a new bedding change and wash her tonight. Good thing about extra tubs i guess.

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