Got myself into a sweet new project.... :D Thanks to Mark Mandic

0.1 Spotnose Desert Ghost

Coincidentally the two genes I really wanted to add to the mix ended up being in one animal so I couldn’t resist.

The quality that Mark brings with his animals speaks for itself. Absolutely stunning.

Still have to decide which male will go to her but it will be a while so who knows what will be kicking around by then :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody else have some crazy Desert Ghost they wanna share?


Exceptional addition with some real potential.

I am excited to be adding a beautiful Desert Ghost female to my collection on Sunday - my intention is to pair her with my Toffee male to shoot for some Toffee Desert Ghosts eventually.

Further down the line I will be shooting for some Desert Ghost Black Axanthic young.


That will be great I love Toffee!

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I’m a huge fan of spotnose. It’s just one of those seriously under rated morphs. The combos they make are just mind blowing. DG is also another under rated morph so glad to see it finally getting the recognition it deserves as well. You have a beauty on your hand. Enjoy her she is next level awesome.

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I just have a Male pastel desert ghost and a single gene female desert ghost. I just got a new phone, so no pictures of him on my phone.

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Im still behind on getting into Spotnose and just got in DG. Nice pickup!

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