Greetings from Nashville!

Hi folks,

I hope that you are doing well. After lurking on this site for the better part of two years I decided I should probably go ahead and make an account. I’ve only recently become a reptile owner and this site and the community here have been amazing resources in preparing for it!

I live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and have two herps (both of whom I acquired from vendors on this site last fall).

Basil is my Blue Tongue Skink.

…And Sage is my Western Hognose Snake.

Taking care of and interacting with these two amazing animals has been an incredible experience and I am looking forward to being involved with the keeper community for many years to come!


Congrats on your beautiful animals and welcome to the family :+1:

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im a rat and mouse breeder in clarksville TN. i currently own a male banana ball python, a normal female ball python, a normal male burmese python, a CB female sunbeam, and a WC male rough green snake.

my brother is in nashville also! he owns a leopard female ball python, a male nelsons milksnake, a male black texas ratsnake, and a female western hognose.

may i know who you use for feeders, their locations, and prices? my brother needs more local feeder breeders…

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Welcome to the community @wilsonjb!

You might only have two now, but watch out - it’ll get addiciting! Ha-ha :smiley:

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