Gross question but here we go

I know it a gross question but how often do bp poop I have read once a week but I have cleaned a couple up now I’m not sure, if it’s stress or they can poop multiple times a week to help digestion

No schedule for ball python to poop. Factors of size, quantity, and type of prey item even husbandry could give varying results. All effect time for digestion before waste is released.


When they need to.

It can be from a week to several weeks, depends on feed (prey and schedule) but also metabolism , (growing juvenile or adult)

Keep in mind they are very efficient.

My bp is eating medium mice and hatched 3 months ago

At that age they will usually utilise most of the prey item for growth leaving very little to be eliminated and will be more likely to have a bowel movement after a shed.

As long as their is no persistent bulge near the cloaca which could indicate blockage you will be fine.

Was curious so I looked at our records to see if there was any pattern at all. Nope it’s random. Some poop as soon as 5 days after eating all the way up 17 days after eating.

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It’s really just depends on a number of things like everyone else has said. One of my adult females went off food for 4 months and only pooped once or twice during that time and it was mainly just urine

Mine is a two year old and solid eater of small rats. She passes a lot of urates but really only poops every couple of weeks (and when she sheds). But the urate I can find a little ball of it several times a week. She’s on a every 14 day feeding schedule right now since she was starting to get “picky” on eating every week. Popping schedule is still about the same despite the longer gap.

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It’s like proper poop mostly fur

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All of the animal byproduct should be digested, so you shouldn’t see any visible fur/bones. It’ll literally look like a dog or cat poop, just smaller.


Yeah something isn’t right if it’s not fully digested. All my snakes poop is like a small dogs and is fully digested

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I’ll check again the next time he poops, man I ain’t smelt anything like snake poop haha

Haha yeah but you will get used to it after awhile. Picking up their poop is just another everyday task for me

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It’s a shame you can house train them, I think it would scare the neighbours if they look out there window to see a python pooping on there lawn haha

Most of mine now are pooping after a shed so every 3-4 weeks, with maybe one bm between every other shed or so. Mostly at shed though.