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Mike, what size rats match up with this feeding program for various sizes of snake? My 4 babies are all eating well, one on F/T rat fuzzies and 3 on live mice while my breeder rats get started. I’d say without weighing them that everyone is between 100-125g.


In all honesty. When it comes down to it, everybody has different ways of feeding. And if it ain’t broke, they won’t fix it. Have read everyone’s posts. And, while most are good ideas, and insights, I have my way of feeding. Sure it works slower on weight gain than the rest. But the important thing is…it works. I’m not arguing the growing faster, sooner part. It’s your snakes, do it how you want. Just saying, putting what works for one person off on everybody else? What you do is good for YOUR snakes. Not everyone else. All snakes are different. Not just morph-wise different.

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This here is pure wisdom. Comparing a mammals to reptiles is a long shot at best. And honestly unrealistic.

Thank you for sharing this bit of info and I am gonna apply it with a select few of my own hatchlings and test it myself…it makes sense

Just incase you guys haven’t found them yet:

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A few useful threads wrote by the MorphMarket Community.

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Yep. Even if I had an opinion on the topic from experience (I don’t.) it only takes a quick read to see someone is an adult and a professional, someone is not.

Shame. But good to see an example of how not to conduct yourself for people just starting out.

Thanks for the articles like these they are very very helpful.


Yeah it seems like they only see the part they dont like and argue that point to death bro



I’m curious how detailed of records you kept and how long have you been using this strategy?

I admit my curiosity is purely academic, as it is not something I would employ without substantially more data to support the benefits weighed against any long term side effects. Let’s face it, these are not short lived animals that can provide long term data in only a few years. In fact I wish I still had close proximity and access to a biology lab to run regular urate analysis on specimens before, during, and after this regiment and compare it against specimens kept on the “currently accepted” feeding strategy. This would certainly address the concern regarding potential kidney and liver impact, that I think is unlikely, but far more realistic and genuine than wanting to see the results of a necropsy in the reptile hobby.


The world’s oldest snake is a ball python that is over 50. How is that short-lived?


I’m pretty sure they were referring to on average. Actually 1,000.00% sure.

But on average, the life span of all living things would be considerably lower. You have to take into account insects (most of who don’t last very long at all) are a large percentage of life on planet earth, with a BBC Four documentary claiming there are not 10 trillion but 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) ants alone, with a median lifespan of 7 years.

There are around 7,500,000,000 (that’s 13,333 times less than ants… So for every one human there are 13,333 ants) humans and that is only 0.01% of life on our planet.

There are not many forms of life that make it past 30. Obviously this chart doesn’t list them all but it helps.


actually poor proofreading on my part was supposed to be “not” short lived.

Thanks for catching that.


This chart is so inaccurate and so overly generalized. Where did you find this?
I want to send it to my mom. :slight_smile:


I mean it’s a chart…how in depth can they really get lol.

Just copy the image and send :sunglasses:


I wanted to see if they had any more charts. >.<

It was just the first image to come up onGoogle

Everyone is screaming in human emotion about the lack of science, but what Mike is actually doing is science. This is how it works. It doesnt require a white lab suit and a phd… its literally testing a theory and examining the results. Besides the typical appeal to emotions that many on here are running on, you should also read what is being actually said before blasting accusations. They are literally getting the same biomass of food over the same time frame, just in small dosages… ie “not power feeding”.


Well said. I don’t think anything Mike has done is wrong. He tested his theory and it worked.


I agree this seems like a hypocritical statement. Attacking Mike but then bragging about selling more. From what I’ve seen is Mike keeps up with today’s prices. I mean do you think we’ll pay 1000 for the same snake we can get for 300 just because your name lol. I think Mike keeps up with today’s going rate. Also I’ve only seen compliments about his animals.