Guess the Morph Quiz (Ball Pythons)

I’ll do you a deal :wink:

Once Hilary ( @chesterhf ) puts her guesses I’ll reveal the answers and post round 2 :yum:


Yes It Is A Deal!!!

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Ok, I’m terrible at this but will guess so we can all find out the answers!

  1. Black pewter?
  2. Enchi
  3. Lavender albino
  4. Pastel
  5. Albino
  6. Spotnose clown
  7. Leopard albino
  8. Banana Enchi
  9. Cinnamon Pied
  10. Black pastel albino
  11. Black pastel…something
  12. Champagne genetic stripe
  13. Banana enchi lesser
  14. Fire Redstripe spotnose clown (magma??)
  15. Butter enchi ghost…with something dark?

As you can tell…I don’t know my albinos - at all


:point_right:t4: :boom:BANG:boom:

:crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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16: banana
17: ultramel
18: Banana spider
19: Banana pied
20: banana ghost?
21: Albino blade clown
22: Pretty snek XD
23: Clown Spotnose fire
24: Mojave YB clown?
25: Super pastel Enchi Spotnose Clown?
26: monsoon
27: pastel monsoon
28: Pastel Super Enchi leopard OD
29: Black pastel cinder? maybe some mojave in there
30: I always struggle with these… I’d love some hints on how to better identify morphs!

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First off, welcome to the community :blush: :wave:

You got a few right and you wasn’t far off a couple others. I’ve purposely put a few in to trick people on this one :wink:

Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2 can help you start off. Your best way though is to just spend time going through Genes and Traits tags on the market and just keep clicking and looking, clicking and looking, clicking and looking…

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That’s definetly been my plan of attack, and there are some morphs I just don’t pay attention to, but this is a heckin fun game!

Thanks for the resources!!!

  1. Banana Pastel? Maybe so else?
  2. Pastel Ultimele don’t know how to spell it!
  3. G-Stripe or Pin Banana Albino?
  4. Pied Bald Banana with the little bit of white
  5. Enchi Clown YB
  6. Albino Clown :clown_face:
  7. Super Pastel Banana Clown?!
  8. Spotnose Pastel Clown
  9. YB Leopard Clown
  10. Enchi Clown Pastel
  11. Leopard Monsoon :sweat_smile:
  12. Super Pastel Monsoon
  13. Enchi Pastel OD Leopard
  14. Black Pastel
  15. Odd normal :crazy_face:

I think I just like to add Pastel to everything.

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I’m going to add a clue and confuse some people.
There is only one monsoon in the above pictures :wink:

Anyone want to change their guesses? :joy:

I know there is some pinstripe combo that looks like a monsoon (if my memory serves) but I dont remember the combo!

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Oh Come on people, Even if you don’t them all at least take a stab at a few of them. Lets keep this going. :grin:


I’ll add/edit them as they come to me

16 Banana Blk Pastel

17 Candy

18 Banana Spider

19 Banana Pied

20 Pastel Banana Hypo

21 Lavender Albino Clown Super Blade

24 Mahogany Clown

25 Super Pastel Clown

27 Fire Mahogany Pastel Pinstripe

28 Firefly OD

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  1. Banana Cinnamon Blade Clown

I don’t know what to guess at this point

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I’m waiting on your guess @wreckroomsnakes before I post the answers to round 2 :wink:

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  1. Banana
  2. :woman_shrugging: maybe caramel albino
  3. banana clown
  4. super pastel leopard banana :woman_shrugging:
  5. pastel calico nana
  6. lavender albino clown
  7. super pastel leopard blade clown
  8. special clown
  9. Cypress clown
  10. Firefly Enchi clown
  11. monsoon
  12. lemonblast leopard :woman_shrugging:
  13. Acid Desert ghost
  14. Fire bongo poss spotnose het clown :shushing_face: :grin:
  15. :woman_shrugging: red stripe
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@eaglereptiles ok now spill it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


bravo, bravo! i gotta say that you are not making some of these easy.

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I tried to catch you out with that Bongo Fire :wink::joy:
I even flipped the picture :grin:

Also, 27 is upsetting. Someone spent years getting a Super Pastel Confusion Tick Pinstripe Mojave just for the monsoon to pop up and look almost identical :joy:

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oh man i know right! but you could look at as the one animal is only a monsoon while the other has an array of genes to add to any project. So i would still be happy even if it does look like a monsoon. All how you look at it. :wink:

:rofl: :rofl: i was super happy with that clutch. Can’t wait make clowns with this combo.

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