Guys need help! sand boa vs hognose snake

Hi guys I have some boas but would like to have and breed something smaller so who is better the sand boa or hognose snake if someone here have them please help me

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If you haven’t kept either before, you could start by keeping one of each and see how you like working with them.

I have both.


  • Egg layer so you need to prepare for that.
  • Cooling at 55 to 60 is usually best also some people have been successful without cooling but most breeders do, I do, so you need to prepare for that
  • Hatchlings can be tricky to start not all will start on pinky, some will need to be started on pinky head, some will need to start on scented.
  • Obviously they are venomous even if the delivery system is poor and the venom is very mild it can be an issue for some people.
  • Poop and stink a lot more than KSB.


  • Live bearer
  • Can be cooled but simply turning of the hot spot will do, or not cooling at all (so not as extreme as Hogs)
  • Garbage disposal

In both species males have their problem when it comes to feeding and can become picky at times, females will be garbage disposal at all times.

Housing you are looking at the same foot print for both, and you can provide the same temps.

Anything else you need to know.


maybe thats a good idea

hem i don’t feel that they are so easy to breed after this

so there is another easy to breed snake specie to start breed before ill breed boas I want to have some experience before

Everything can have it’s advantages, inconveniences, challenges and heartbreaks, it depends on what amount of work you want to put in and what you want to get out of it.

Doubt it’s gonna get easier than KSB or even Rosy and you don’t have to worry about incubating.

Look into some colubrid species, like Corn snakes, Kingsnakes and Rat snakes.
All are fairly easy to breed and some will breed just by putting them together.

And nothing is really “easy”. If you don’t have passion in this hobby, many don’t last long. Make sure you breed something YOU enjoy keeping and interacting with everyday.

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are you joking king snakes are so bad female often eats his male pairing

i was asking for a first try of the world of breeding snakes I keep them since I was 10 so I think I lasted a little right?

the problem is that both are very rare even hatchlings (sands and hoggies) here in italy

Get them imported from elsewhere there are breeders all over Europe especially in the UK.

If you don’t know what you’re doing yes, a female kingsnake could eat a male.
But since you’ve never bread before start with something easy like I mentioned, or better yet figure it out for yourself and do some research or read a book.

I know but italy reptile shipping is prohibited
2.shipping fro Uk or other countries is at least 700 and more
3.with plane even more

Try Easter Black Ratsnakes I have heard that they are great

Eastern rat snakes would be even harder for someone in Italy to find. They are also big so that wouldn’t work for them since they are wanting something small.

Wait I didn’t see that they where in Italy

The European ratsnake or leopard snake. They are from Italy. That is better then what I said before

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in italy we can’t breed or keep endemic animals even CB