Has anyone produced

Has anyone produced a Banana Butter Yellowbelly Ghost?

If so, are there pictures? I can’t seem to find any

I am fairly certain it has been done. Try searching for Hypo Banana Lesser YB instead of Butter. Same mutation/different name


Sorry can’t find any, maybe if you can you could copy it here?

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The reason I’m asking is because I think I produced one last year and wanted to know if I was the first!

He’s growing well and I’m planning on breeding him to prove the ghost part.

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I have produced a banana butter and a banana butter ghost, but definitely no yellow belly. I produced three from a clutch last year. Sold all of them. I’ll see if I still have some pics if you want.

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Do you have a picture?

Banana Yellowbelly het ghost pied x Butter ghost


Still haven’t found anything. Really would like to compare my baby to something IF it’s been produced.

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Still nothing…. Can anyone provide me with an example?