Hatchling Corn Genetics

Hello all! New to MorphMarket , not brand new to keeping snakes, but new to considering genetics and wrapping my head around it :sweat_smile: So I’m wondering if I could have some help please!

I incubated a clutch of corn eggs (friend’s corns that she took on as rescues, having been cohabited - female was gravid but she wasn’t in a position to incubate, I’d however always wanted to do so!) and have 18 hatchlings out :blush:

I know what I’m doing with the hatchlings in terms of care and am confident with all aspects of that (beyond sexing, but I’m not too concerned with that) but am just wondering if I could have some help with any possible hets please?

Parents I’ve been told are both normals (picture attached) although we were told the female was a caramel :woman_shrugging: Babies are two different morphs, I believe simply normals and then amels? So I suppose I’m wondering, are the normal hatchlings likely to be het anything? Is poss het amel a thing?

I apologise if these are daft questions, I just am trying to figure this out!

Thank you in advance :blush:


To produce an amel both parents would have to be het amel. Which must be case since you produced them in the clutch.

Would that make the normal babies het amel as well, or would it not work quite like that? :slight_smile:

The normal looking babies are 66% het amel. The only way to be 100% het is to have a visual amel on 1 side of the breeding. Since it was 2 hets and no visuals they are only possible hets.


Okay, brilliant; thank you so much! :blush: