Hatchlings in incubator

How long are you all leaving the hatchlings in the incubator once they’re fully out of the shell? I see a lot of different strategies and I am currently using Sim Containers

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I leave them until after first shed. . I have also had a friend leave them for a week after first shed .


Once every hatchling is out I transfer them into their own separate tubs in my rack


I don’t think it matters as long as the conditions are right. It might be beneficial to have the higher humidity running up to the first shed, but I would still add water for drinking and want the hatchling box vermiculite/substrate off them.
With the above in place, A bit before the first feed would be my limit, so they are separated, can acclimatise and get used to the environment before attempting feeding.

Just an opinion


Personally I check daily and remove any that have fully left the egg so they don’t disturb the ones still absorbing in the eggs. I just put them into a shared (with their siblings) extra-high-humidity 6qt tub in a rack until their first shed. Then they get moved into individual tubs.