Have you noticed certain genes that have more of a tendency for aggression

Hello everyone

I recently picked up a spark/yellowbelly female hatchling and man alive she hates everything, the meanest little worm I have seen so far. She strikes everything even the tv remote that was on the desk I set her on it wasn’t even moving lol. Anyways I mentioned this to my local reptile shop and they asked the genetics so I told them and they was like O YEA those are always mean " GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE" so my question’s are 1. is there statement true that some gene combo’s are just aggressive by nature and 2. how should i go about trying to tame her when all she does is strike strike strike even the hand that’s holding her lol she literally launches her whole body off the surface she is on to try and get you. Thanks for any and all reply’s.

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