Head scrather of a clutch

So i am not sure what to think on this clutch. When we first started out we went thru a large group of wild imports and picked out several females. One female had a very little color almost coco looking. We bred her to a mystic when she big enough and got a very odd mystic that we decided to hold back. the following year we did a hgw to her. Got some odd hgw and decided to hold back a male. This season we bred the first hold back to the male from the second back together and got these??? Any ideas??? not sure if it is anything… :woman_shrugging:




Wow really interesting. I would have no idea what it could be except just some interesting variation or possibly a het marker for something? All in a stellar clutch!

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I would guess you may have some allele in the BluEL group akin to the Daddy. Try pairing the originator to a stronger allele like Butter and see what pops out


Almost looks like confusion/acidish what did the belly look like?

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Awesome thanks everyone for the insight.

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