Heat source for cresties?

(picture: Flynn enjoying the warm spot. He’s resting on a toilet paper roll, and it’s a bit of toilet paper you can see, it’s not gecko shed.)

I know most pages say cresties don’t need extra heat. Room temperature is fine and I believe that. We have around 21 C in our house.

BUT… I’ve noticed my juveniles in particular seek out warm spots (+5 C). They eat a lot better and are more active when I’ve provided some extra heat for a couple of hours. They seem to love to lay in the corner that’s heated and they look so relaxed when doing it.

It makes me think, maybe crestie juveniles are supposed to be born in spring/summer and not in autumn/winter (like three of mine are), maybe they’re supposed to have a warmer climate than adults?

What are your experiences and thoughts?

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I’ve not noticed much difference when having and not having heat.
Our vivs stay around 18-26/28.
So it’s perfect for them, and never had an issue not adding heat to them.
Though the bottom of the Baby rack has a long heat mat under the mdf as it’s obviously near the concrete floor so they would be colder than the rest on the rows above! So now they’re all the same :smile:

Nothing wrong with adding heat, if you want too, crack on I say! Just make sure it’s on a stat so it’s controlled! :blush:

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Most homes (in UK) are not 21c all day every day so I’d say additional heat is required.

I use an oil radiator during the nights in winter as might time can get to as low as 15c & house heading is on during the day at about 21c. I currently provide heat mats as a warm area of they want it and have that found some Cresties prefer it warmer, but most don’t use the warm areas

I do not provide any heat source in the summer as the temperature ranges from 29c during the day to 21c at lowest point during the night.

I do find appetites with grown up Cresties fluctuate throughout the year, however I’ve found young Cresties eat the same all year round