Height for the perfect Viv

Hi folks,

I’m planning to build a display type rack system. I’m aware of possible feeding/stress issues with large vivs so I’m wondering what would ye knowledgeable folk recommend as a good height to keep an adult BP comfortable?

The dimensions I’m planning are 34" x 18" x optimal height. It’ll have a glass front and pull out like a rack system. Obviously it’ll have hides etc.

The obvious answer would just be get a rack but I’d like something a little less industrial looking and more display/viv like.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

If it pulls out like a rack system then you can get away with 8" but if you are basically going for a full viv look then I would shoot for 12"-15" that way you have vertical decorating space and give your animals a bit more stuff to climb about on.


@t_h_wyman thanks for your help :wink:. Really looking for the most humane environment with the most amount of accessible racks. From what you’re saying 11" to 12" should be ok then?

Yeah, that should be fine.

Are you set on a rack-type system? You could do a stack of PVC cages and accomplish the same thing, they just do not pull out

I already have a stack of 4 18" tall vivs. The height adds up quickly. Looking at the space they take up I was thinking I could utilise it better (or should I say get more BP’s :grin:). My better half wouldn’t be too impressed with a rack system in the living room so I came up with the compromise of building a more aesthetic solution.

The rack type system seems to be the best option for that so I’m hoping to build a hardwood exterior type with as many levels as I can but ensuring the occupants are as comfortable as possible. Space is tight where I’m living but where there’s a will there’s a way.

Thanks for all your help with this.

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This was one commercial option I was looking at but it’s width and height was looking too tight

It’s 35"x15"x7.9"

I have a stack of 3 @ 18" tall topped with 2 @12" tall so I can fully understand how quick the height adds up LOL

That wooden one would probably work. It is taller than most of the tubs you would find in rack systems

I’m now thinking that way too. I was surprised to see that the FB-70 tubs are only 5.9 inches tall.

Thanks again for help with this.

BP’s are a ground dwelling snake by nature. All of my BP’s are enclosures 6 inches or less in height.

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You might be surprised to learn just how “arboreal” balls can be when given the option


In the wild they (especially the males) are known to eat birds, right? I would imagine they would need to be good at climbing trees if that is the case.

There have been some gut content studies that have found birds but I suspect those are ground captured. They certainly are not evolved for grabbing prey like birds as a regular food item

I only have 5 at the moment but they all are quite clumsy when climbing. They like to try but usually ends with a woops… If any of mine headed up a tree I’d say it would be a one way trip :grimacing: