Hello, everyone! :D

Hey, all! My name is Kye, and I’ve been putting some research into owning a ball python recently. My family owned a few snakes when I was very young (A garter snake and a gopher snake, I believe), but this is my first time buying a snake of my own. I’ve always been passionate about reptiles, and I’m very very excited to get one! I’m still prepping a habitat and such before I buy, but since I have poor self control I’ve been paging through the morph market sales and looking longingly lol. Luckily, it led me here!

If anyone has any tips for me, that would be awesome C: Also, I’ve been looking for breeders and reputable sellers near me, but haven’t been having much luck… I hesitate to have one delivered due to covid delays with shipping. What are ya’lls thoughts on that?

Looking forward to talking with you all!


Hi and welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here!

I would not worry too much about shipping, I have shipped and received animals without any issue. Most also go through shippers like ShipYourReptile, who closely work with FedEx to do their best in ensuring the safety of the animal being shipped. Most delays have been on Mondays, so a lot of breeders may not ship on that day.
If you do go ahead and buy one to have shipped to you, I would recommend that you ask the breeder if they can ship the animal to your local FedEx Hub/Ship Center for pickup (if they don’t already require it.)
Then the animal will stay in a climate-controlled environment until you’re able to pick it up, and you’re less likely to have issues.


Thank you so very much for the helpful info! C:

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