Hello everyone! From Osborne Reptiles

I just want to say I love this format of the pre-FB days.

For those unfamiliar with Osborne Reptiles, we have been specializing in Pied combos for many years. We are also known for the Urban Camo and Sandblast animals we were fortunate to discover nearly 10 years ago.

We are proud to be a part of this community and can’t wait to share what we hatch with everyone. We wish you all a great season!

Brandon Osborne


Nice to have you aboard Brandon!


I just seen one at the Evansville reptile show this weekend an it was a stunner


Brandon, welcome and glad to hear that. Seems to resonate with a good % of folks for various reasons.

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I believe we are showing our commitment to the community having been a part of the good old days of forums past. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Keep up the great work!

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welcome @osbornereptiles

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