Hello from Colorado!

Hello everyone! I’ve been in the reptile hobby for a few years now, and just decided to hop on over to Morph Market to try and get myself a little more established in the community! At the moment, I’m working with primarily colubrids, but my fiancé and I would like to get into some of the rarer species, particularly those that aren’t commonly captive bred, and help them get a bit of footing.

Our “rarest” species right now is a leopard ratsnake, who we’re trying to get a male for, but we also have several cornsnakes, a pair of bullsnakes, an african fire skink, a pair of marbled newts, a pair of Abronia graminea, and a leopard gecko. Our non-herps are our betta fish and fluffy cat.

I have to pay my picture taxes now, so here’s a few:
Leopard Ratsnake (This is when she first arrived, she doesn’t like my phone, it’s scary!)

Midas, our male Gold Dust Motley Tessera Cornsnake

Lamia, our female Ultramel Anery (Possible Ghost) Motley Cornsnake

Our beautiful rescue cat, Morgan

If there’s anything in particular you guys want to see pictures of, let me know! I look forward to getting to know everyone!


Welcome to the community!!! I love the leopard rat super nice!!!


Thank you so much! :heart:

The leopard rat is our newest, and I’m totally in love with the species - ours is starting to peek her little head out at us to see what we’re up to.


Welcome to the community.
Your cat is really beautiful.
If you like rat snakes, take a look into Bairds rat snakes. They are so docile and very beautiful as adults.


Thank you!

I’ve been looking at Baird’s ratsnakes, and plan to get a few in the future. They’re gorgeous animals, thank you for the suggestion!


If you do find some Bairds rat snakes in the future, try and get the Loma Alta local. There are 3 different localities of Bairds rat snakes, and the Loma Alta local is very metallic and much brighter as an adult. The hatchlings are a dark gray/silverish color with darker charcoal saddles along it’s dorsal. Sometimes the saddles can appear slightly greenish or a very pale yellow if they are yearlings. Adults will look completely different when fully mature.


Welcome! I hope you love the morphmarket community! You cat is beautiful, I just got 2 rescue cats myself!


Thank you for the welcome! I’ll let Morgan know you think she’s beautiful. :slight_smile:

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