Hello from Endless Morphs! (Germany/Europe)

Hey guys,

my name is Patryk and i’m from Germany. I started with the Ball Python hobby in 2011 and hatched my first clutch in 2014. Since then my collection grew and i started focusing on the darker morphs and genes, like Black Head, Axanthic, Leopard, etc.

I joined MorphMarket in Oct 18, 2015 - so i’m a pretty early adopter i would say. Thanks to John and his amazing work we got this “place” for our hobby and i would like to thank him again for all the effort he put into this! :kissing_heart:

I have a Facebook fan page and an Instagram account where i try to post regular snapshots of my hatchlings and holdbacks. If you are interested i would be super happy if you join and follow my pages! :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

As i don’t want to just start a relatevily boring discussion i thought i would add some clutch pictures. This clutch comes from a Black Head Phantom Yellow Belly (RG&RG) to a Fire Cinnamon:

I hope you like them!



Patryk, welcome aboard!

It’s true, he has been a big supporter and friend since early on. He’s also a fellow techie like me. :slight_smile:

Stunning animals there.