Hello from great lakes

hello, I am a new breeder from Michigan. this probably isn’t allowed but I’m under 18 years old. I don’t think that I am breaking a major rule, because I am doing the thing that I love. I admire all reptiles and have three geckos of my own.


nah that is allowed!! im 15 and at 16 I will start breeding! I think you only need an adult for sign documents and thats it



Forums are usually made up of people of all ages so no worries.

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Welcome to the community and it’s cool that you are starting younger. I often wish I started younger.

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From what ive seen it takes alot of time to get set up, so better than starting at 28 haha, just means youll ve ahead of the curve! And welcome!

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ok cool I was kinda worried I might get kicked off

Welcome from East Michigan!

i wasnt exactly sure of the rules either for that haha but staff said welcome, seems legit to me lol.

I know with the MM site itself you have to be 18 to use it, but no rule like that exists on the forums. It is probably to prevent kids from buying animals they aren’t ready for, or to keep them from spending their parents money. It may also just be for selling purposes.

Maybe but I still wasn’t sure