Hello from Jennifer and Sean

Hiya! My name is Jennifer although you may catch my husband Sean using my account from time to time. Regular lurker on the forums for the past half a year or so…. Also made a few purchases/adoptions from individuals and businesses on here. Only have good things to say so far :slight_smile:

Used to keep/rehome reptiles when I was a teenager-young adult while I was working for a pet shop. Always had a soft spot for anything scaly… be it reptiles or fish. Unfortunately kind of got out of it until a few years ago as time and living space was at a premium for the hubby and I.

We started keeping fish again maybe 4 years ago and started getting into aquascaping which also evolved into getting into terrariums and natural type set-ups for reptiles. Although I’m ok with it the husband is the true artist when it comes to that.

Sean did a lot of research and decided he wanted a crested gecko. Which he got a few years back then fell in love with. As time went on we added to the family in the form of more cresties, a pair of gargoyle geckos, two ball pythons. (He was definitely not a snake guy prior to me getting mine but quickly changed his mind when he realized how chill and awesome they are so he eventually picked out a second one for us) and we’re up to 5 leopard geckos which I think are by and far my favorite because they definitely all have their own VERY unique personalities :joy:

Anyhow finally decided to say hi since everyone here seems pretty cool, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Dunno if we’ll ever get into breeding if we do it would definitely be a small time thing for extra cricket and gecko money…. Lol.

Anyhow see ya’all around the forums!


Welcome!! Glad to have you here! :grin:

Would love to see pics of your lot! Especially the Cresties :star_struck::purple_heart:


Welcome to the community!
Feel free to share pictures of your reptiles.


Hi and welcome to our community @jfalconer! I am so happy that you are back in the hobby! Do you have any pictures of your herp babies? We would love to see them if you don’t mind. Again welcome to our community, I am sure that you will enjoy every second.

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Welcome! As you are aware, its a super great family here!

And everyone LOVES animals pictures!! :grin:


I certainly do!!! Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community Jennifer and Sean! Glad you stopped lurking and made a post :smiley:

I’d love to see pictures of all your creatures AND the fish! I have a soft spot for aquascaping.
I can already hear the crickets breeding begin over there haha.


Had a very busy week but as soon as I get home from work I’ll gladly bury everyone in photos. Thanks all for the warm welcome as well :smiley:


Udon…. The best Cinnamon Roll a momma could ask for


Soba…. She was super apprehensive and nervous about everything and everyone when we brought her home. Now she’s a inquisitive little girl and my dads best friend (he was TERRIFIED of snakes before he met her and she liked him immediately oddly enough)

Sean’s first reptile Ember AKA Sticky Boy

More incoming. Have to start dinner. Lol

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Saturn (retired breeder leopard. Super sweet and loves to eat) never had a pet as food motivated as her…well….aside from the cat. Hahahah

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Wish I could get a good photo of her fired up she’s a pretty dusty red color with a gold back when she does

Leon. My sweet son. Him and Magellan come up to the front of their enclosures like clockwork every night at 7:30 and scratch to be let out. Sean holds one and I hold the other. So they both get their love and outside time.

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Magellan. He’s such a cute brat. We love him. He’s also very vocal. He grumbles at you if you keep him from doing whatever it is he wants to do. Whether it be climb on your face or take off across the bed.


Luna. Our retired breeder crestie. She mostly hides but she’s still adorable :slight_smile:

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Fudge…. The endless cricket portal. How can you have any crickies if you don’t eat your pudding?

Princess Indigo…. Not a reptile but a furbaby….Endless kibble portal and tub top warmer. She’s always on the container we need to get into…. I’m sure she thinks she’s helping

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Inspecting our handiwork

Tater Tot. The cutest AFT I’ve ever seen. I swear she’s a muppet. Though she’s got a weird habit of eating the back ends of crickets and leaving the heads which is sort of disturbing. Lol

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Papa Tot (who actually turned out to also be female like Tater. But Papa is potato in Spanish so it still works. Lol

Waaaaaaay too many aquarium pictures. I could fill a book. Lol

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LOOK at that sweet face! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Leon is the best! Course I say that about all our scale children…. But he does have the cutest gecko smile :smiley: