Hello from L.S.D.eXotix. Bandera Texas

A little bit about us.
Where to start…I suppose I should start with growing up surrounded by animals. I also rescued wildlife from time to time as kid. Was always with my nose buried in some kind of biology, natural fauna and anything animal related books. Was in 4H and FFA. Animal science was a favorite subject of mine. Fast forward many years to now.
My wife and I decided out of this love we share for animals, to dive into reptiles…and other warm blooded companions.
So in 2017 after much debate and consideration…DIVE in we did…and we are constantly advancing in and striving to provide the best care for these magnificent animals.
We work with:
Suriname BC and Colombian BI Morphs.
We also work with Dumerils Boas, Ball Python Morphs, Colubrids, and just got into the Blood Pythons (python brongersmai…just so there’s no confusion on species.)
We went through many breeders and searched hundreds of snakes night after night till we found the specimen we felt are the best example of the gene or combo that could be had…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…we breed Quality over Quantity. Our animals are bred for temperament as well as paint job quality. LSDeXotix can be found on Morphmarket or we can be reached by the info on our page. Thank you for taking a second to read this and consider us in the future.

Best Regards; L.S.D.eXotix

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It seems that people getting into the hobby now are smart about the “quality over quantity” mantra. I don’t know if everyone means it or it’s just lip service but I think people that make content and have been in for the long haul do a good job of advising that to newbies. Hopefully it makes for a stronger hobby with more people thinking their plans out with more detail as we start.

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Welcome to the community fellow Texan!

It’s awesome that you and your wife both dove in! I’m glad you both have something to work with together. Always cute when a couple gets to do their hobby together :3

I agree with the quality over quantity. I can’t wait to see some pictures of y’alls beautiful snakes!

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@lsdexotix @akirby91 Also if either Texan is a Texas fan thanks for the win Saturday :wink: go Cyclones

Thank you for the greetings, I’m still trying to figure out this morphmarket forum and realized I can reply…hahaha,

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Heres a couple hatchlings from the last clutch, and those are our suriname BC’s. They are an upcoming project. Just letting them grow and color up. We feel they are very promising.

They are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what your project produces. Just wow :scream:

You can look at FB for LSDeXotix. The page is really new. But theres more to it. We work with other species as well. Please feel free to visit. We do conduct our business through morph market.

Hello from San Antonio! Very close.

Hello how are you, welcome to morphmarket!

I actually don’t get to watch any sports. I’m pretty much consumed by the reptile and exotics hobby… haha

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We went through hundreds of tire kicking sessions to find good breeders that had the time to answer us and were able to provide good clean examples of the genetics, and or combos. We didn’t get stingy with paying out for these genetics either.
So we purchased multi-gene powerhouse combos. Some visual recessive, some multi gene visual with heterozygous traits we were seeking.
All our animals will work with the other combo in the breeding group. Now it’s just the time it takes to get these animals to a safe age and weight and overall health before pairing. I wish it was a quick turn around so we could see something coming back in financially but…but this is not what this game is about. We produce quality and pay ourselves first with that quality.

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