Hello from Mama Susan

I am not exactly sure about doing this and what to click. Old person here, Just got my first real snake and madly in love with him. I have never been allowed to keep snake(s) as my husband was terrified of them. this is very strange as there are no venomous snakes where I live. My lovely snake is a King/Corn cross and he is stripy around his body with red and black and kind of a Yellowy/white color. He is very sweet and 5 years old. I named him Zale because he looks like expensive jewelry! I need to find out his lifespan if possible and More about his keeping. I swapped his hot rock for a ceramic heat emitter as I once had iguanas (or my kids did and mom took care of them) and hot rocks were not good for them. I also am using a UVB light and am wondering if I also need a basking light. I also have a male citrus bearded dragon, a male normal red-eared slider, a 150 gal mouse colony, dogs, cats ,chickens, turkeys, one pony, one sheep neutered, one goat and ducks. I tried for 20 years to talk my parents into snakes and had the bad luck to only find husbands that were afraid of them. Very Frustrating Indeed.:grinning:

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