Hello from Mew

Hello! I am new to this community and thought to introduce myself.
My name is Alice, I am 21 years old and I live in Latvia.
I am big animal lover and grew up most of my life in grandmas farm land caring for her farm animals. I didn’t see only life but also death. This is why I am studying to become a vet in future. Not just because I love animals but the want, the feeling to help them, give them hope in life because animals are big part of me and my life.
I so far have 2 guinea pigs, 1 tarantula and my dog. Thinking of adding more pets in future.
I always had interest in reptiles but never had the chance to keep one. Always followed people on youtube, instagram where they were showing their pets and I always thought how each pet, each animal is so fascinating, beautiful!


Hi Alice @xmewmewx3!

Welcome to our family! On this forum, we strive to all grow in knowledge of the animals we keep and breed. I think you will like it here, we are a light hearted community that can handle the harder topics of the hobby because we try to forge genuine mutual respect and care between all of our members.

Also feel free to add a picture of yourself and your pets, if you want. By the way, my name is Riley and I have two boas (Kai and Willow) and three dogs ( Jersey, Sandi, and Tobi). The pictures are of me, Willow and Kai. Welcome again!


Welcome to the community :grin: hope you like it here

Would definitely love to see some pics of your animals😊


Welcome Alice!

We charge picture tax around here. If you mention a animal we need pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Let’s see!

Looking very dapper Riley!


Thanks :blush:, that is how I dressed for my business casual internship interview circuit.




My Curly Hair sling (Fresh after its molt) No name yet as I don’t know the gender so waiting~

Kiro. He is West Siberian Laika and my partner in crime.

Pictures of my pets! :grin:


Nice pics, Kiro is AMAZING!

I miss having a dog :pensive:

There is a non reptile pets bit on here that you might like :grin:

I keep crested geckos, ball pythons, fish & king snakes :blush: Cresties are my fav though


Welcome Alice! We love introductions around here! Those are some gorgeous animals! Kiro is very handsome. My name is Eric. :slight_smile:

I just realized I never did an official introduction. :flushed: That’s embarrassing :sweat_smile:


Hi there! My name is Marla, I’m 40 years old at the moment, and I live on the East coast of the USA. Right now I only have geckos (leopard geckos, an African fat-tailed gecko, and a smooth knob-tailed gecko), but I hope to get a spider and snake sometime soon!

I actually have a 19 year old leopard gecko named Mew, she is super sweet and gentle!

I am a disabled/retired veterinarian that worked mostly with dogs and cats, so I can understand having a passion for animal medicine. I wish you the best of luck!


Haha neither did I, but I’ve been on here way too long to do one now lol :sweat_smile:


Mew is so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was contemplating getting a leopard gecko, it’s been a while since I had one, but I got more Cresties :sweat_smile:
Maybe when the kids grow up and take up less room :thinking:


I have been laying my eyes on crested geckos lately more than ever.
Having real fight with my mind if my next future pet is going to be crested gecko or leopard gecko :sweat_smile:


Mew looks so cute! I love that leopard geckos always look like they are smiling. Such precious souls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is nice to meet fellow veterinarian.
Thank you for the luck, will need it! Because I still don’t know which field I want to go towards for when it comes to vet. It is problematic because you want to help as much animals as you can but you also need to understand your limits. (So far thinking small and also farm animals. Even if some people say I cannot go towards farm animals because I am small sized person but I am not loosing spirit.)


It is a tough decision. Both are amazing.

One of the reasons I chose a Cresties (originally) is that I have someone to feed them while I’m away, whereas no one would feed insects while I’m away.

I now have 15 Cresties and eggs in the incubator :grin: and I’m hooked on them.

Here’s some of my Cresties, just because I love sharing pics


Welcome, Alice!

I’m Becky, 30, and I live in the northeast US. We have a zoo here, but mainly geckos! Get a crestie! So much fun! We also have 2 beardies, a BP, a boa, a Leo, and now 14 crested geckos along with our two dogs. :purple_heart:

I adore Kiro. :heart_eyes: he’s so handsome!

I personally think you should look into becoming a hero vet. There’s not a lot around. I also vote for the farm vet. :grin:

When I taught preschool (I’m a teacher) we had a Guinea pig as a classroom pet. I love their noises!

@lumpy looking dapper, sir! :wink:


Lol thank you :grin:

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