Hello from Missouri

Hello, my name is Andrew. I live in a little country town. I had a girlfriend who had caught a king snake and wanted to keep it. So we kept it and the more I was around it the more I realized I wanted to have a python. So I purchased my first pastel Python and I got on Facebook and realized there was a whole new world of groups and I started getting in groups and reading and I just can’t get enough of the ball python world. I currently have 32 snakes now. I am still learning and always eager to learn new things in this hobby. Looking forward to chatting with some of you and hopefully contributing knowledge to new snake keepers when I can.


Welcome welcome! It’d be great to see some of your snakes when you get the chance :slight_smile:


Welcome to the family! We’d love to see some of your snakes :+1:

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Welcome to the group!

Hello, fellow Missourian! Welcome!

Welcome to the community Andrew! Do y’all still have the king snake? :scream:

Hey I’m from Missouri as well. O fallon welcome!

Hello fellow Missourian! Lincoln County resident here. :blush: