Hello from New Brunswick Canada

Figured I’d stop in and check this out. Hope everyone’s enjoying this so far.
My name is Michelle. I’m a 32 year old forestry and wildlife major. I hobby breed ball pythons mainly working with enchi, spotnose, Mojave and fire genes. We are located in New Brunswick Canada not far from the city of Moncton. I love talking about reptiles and we are always open to learning more here at Valhalla Exotic Creations


Hello fellow Canadian​:smile::canada: I’m living in California right now but I’m Vancouver born & raised! Welcome!


Hi I just joined this community thing. Im from Toronto and dont have any pet reptiles yet (or have ever had one) but am leaning toward either a Corn Snake or Uromastyx Geyri as my 1st ever reptile. I have a dog and my whole life its just been dogs so I thought Id look to try something new.


Welcome! @beast-blade-wolf_987 Just to give you a little piece of advice for possible future reptile ownership… there is quite a big difference in maintenance and care between a corn snake and a uromastyx. Ive owned several different lizards and snakes over the years, and while both are equally awesome and a joy to have… snakes tend to be soo much easy to keep. just my two cents. Just make sure to do the research and go with what will make you happy and what you can provide the best quality of life to! I know that I’ve reached a point in my life now where I no longer want reptiles that i have to keep live feed for… LOL :grin:


Welcome to the community @valhalla_exotics!

What is your current favorite morph? I see you have a majority of the morphs I wish I had in my collection, ha-ha. You’re so lucky! Do you have a favorite snake in your collection as well? Can we expect to see you posting some clutch photos in 2020? :smiley:

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@iamgroot Thanks. Ive definitely been doing my homework on both Corns and Uromastyx for awhile now. I feel like sourcing decent rodents to feed the Corn snake would be a bigger headache than just hitting the grocery store/pet store for veggies/occasional insect
for the Uromastyx in the long run. Plus ever since I heard of the existence of the Uros several years ago Ive always wanted one. Then again a corn snake or similar colubrid would be my only shot for a 1st snake since I cant have snakes that exceed 3m (10ft adult length) or anything even mildly venomous due to current laws here (I actually wanted a Tarantula at first but since their venomous city is like nope) and since boas and pythons arent my thing pet wise I figured Corn. Im leaning more toward a Uro though…just gotta figure out where Id put the enclosure since my dog might not be very happy about any new pet of any kind. I might also need help naming the Uro once I get it and deciding whether to get a U geyri or U ornata. I really wish Toronto lifts its ban on mildly venomous creatures like Ts and some snakes soon. Because one day Id like to have a Cribo maybe.


My favorite snake would either be my Mojave spotnose or my fire het pied. I am hoping to have a couple 2020 clutches. We will see what the year brings

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Welkom and enjoy…mm

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