Hello from Not So Sunny California

Hey everyone, you can call me Zara. I have had a love for all things considered odd since childhood. I wanted to start with Arachnids, yet my mother was afraid of spiders. So, my first exotic was a corn snake I named Nella. I got her when I was 11. She was sweet and I loved her. However at that time I didn’t know anything about petco/petsmart being as bad as they are. So she ended up passing away a year in to owning her because of some bad feeder’s I got from them. It took me five years to branch out again, but I did. This time, I got my first leopard gecko. I named him Mello. He was just great. I loved him so much. Yet again, I put my trust in someone I shouldn’t have. I had to go on a trip for a few weeks when I was still in school. So, I left him in my mother’s care like any child would. I came home to a dead Mello. At this point I was hard set on waiting until I was an adult and had my own place. I also wanted to wait until I felt I was ready to move forward with the right people to trust.

Well, now I am 31 years old. I have my own place with my boyfriend. I have the space and resources I need. So, the other day we went out and got a pair of leopard gecko’s with the plan to do everything right.




Welcome to the community!!!


Hi and welcome to our community :tada::tada:

I too have felt the pain of buying an animal from a “pet store”. My precious boy Kai was sold to me and later I found out that he has a kink, but thank goodness it doesn’t affect him and I am willing to take care of him.

This community is a wonderful place to get plugged into because it is built on people that want to grow in community and the knowledge and love of reptiles. I am happy that you decided choose this community!

Have a wonderful day! :snake::heart::snake:


Welcome to the forum Zara! Glad to have you with us.


Welcome to MM community Zara!
Pretty Geckos.


Welcome to the community, it will soon become like a 2nd home.

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome…Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome Zara, great geckos! Enjoy your stay at the MM community.