Hello from Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Shawn from Southeast PA. Getting into the Ball Python breeding hobby and looking forward to being a part of the Morph Market community!
I picked up a normal BP almost a year ago from a pet store because I had wanted one for a while and now had the time to care for it. I had no idea what I was in for, haha. Once I started looking online and finding morphs, I was hooked hard. Then I realized I can make these things in my home?!?!
I went from 1 BP to 6 in about 9 months. All babies that I am raising up. I’m excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share my journey!


Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy it here on the forum. We are a community that thrives oof positive connection and wanting to grow in our knowledge of reptiles. 1 to 6 and nine months that’s pretty insane. If you don’t mind would you like to post pictures of your babies? I can tell you one thing is we love pictures of snakes, and other herps. Once again welcome :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Welcome to the community!!! It sounds like you already caught the reptile bug :wink: Do you have any projects planned with them? What kinds of morphs are they mostly? Feel free to share pictures of them.


HI Shawn. I am recently into ball pythons too. Welcome to the community. HAve fun :smiley:


So here is the crew so far:
This is Baby, and the one that started the addiction:
1.0 Normal

This is Piper:
1.0 Cinnamon Het Pied

Here is Sugar:
0.1 Cinnamon Het Candy

This is Pearl:
0.1 Pied (just realized I need an updated pic of her)

This is Sierra:
0.1 Enchi Coral Glow

And the latest addition, Lulu:
0.1 Super Mojave (pos GHI pos Cinnamon pos other stuff haha)


I have put a lot of thought into the direction I want to go. When I first got my Cinny het Pied male and Pied girl, I was excited to try to hit some pieds my first year pairing (which will hopefully be next year). But then I realized, I’m gonna hold back everything I get for the first year or 2 to help build my collection. So if I’m gonna hold back, why not start making double het babies? That’s where the Candy comes in. So my next snake I get will be a 1.0 Candy that I can put with my Pied (for double het Candy Pieds) and put with my 0.1 Cinny Het Candy.
But since I’m gonna be holding everything back, I thought, this is gonna get expensive with food and bedding and racks etc. and that’s where the Super Mojave comes in. Next year I’ll be picking up a Super Lesser male to put with her to make BELs to help fund my projects.
Thats my short term goals. Long term, I’m gonna work on getting into triple and quad recessives. Maybe Candy Pied DG, or Candy DG Clowns. I don’t even know where I’m gonna end up going and that’s the fun part for me!

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Those sound like fun projects! I don’t think I’ve seen a Candy DG Pied or Clown. In fact I don’t see many candies period, but maybe that’s just me? Either way welcome to the forum!