Hello from Prism Pythons!🐍

Hi there everyone, thought I would do a little introduction. My name is Michelle, I’m from South Carolina.
I’ve been keeping ball pythons for 10 years now and started breeding in 2016, this year will be my 3rd breeding season :blush:

I also keep a few non ball pythons in my collection including 3 Burmese Pythons and a Blood Python.

I’m really excited to be a part of this community!
Here are a few photos of some of my ball pythons

0.1 High Intensity line Orange Dream Fire Yellowbelly

0.1 Desert Ghost

0.1 Pied 50% het ghost

1.0 Firebee

0.1 Yellowbelly Arroyo

1.0 Clown

0.1 BEL (mojave butter)

0.1 Butterfly

0.1 OD Fire Mojave YB possible Arroyo

0.1 OD YB Mojave possible Arroyo

Non ball pythons
0.1 Normal het Albino PH granite burmese python

0.1 T- Albino Blood Python

1.0 Albino Burmese Python

0.1 Normal het Granite Burmese Python


Welcome to the community Michelle! Your collection is just stunning :heart_eyes:


Thank you :blush: I have many more in my collection, those were just a few lol I’ll have to make a thread of my entire bp collection sometime

Welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

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Hi @synisterxsnake and welcome :blush:

You have some beautiful animals there and I can’t wait to see the full collection.
That T- albino blood is absolutely stunning.

Your going to fit in nicely here :grin:

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Nice colection :star_struck:

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