Hello from Sacramento!

Hi! I’m Dana and I am excited to return to the hobby after a 10 year absence. I have been fascinated with reptiles since I was in in preschool. I loved handling and feeding the school’s pet Garter snake and was always the first to volunteer to bring “Rainbow” home over school breaks. Cousins, friends and neighbors exposed me to various species of lizards and snakes, but in high school I got a female Ball Python named Maya and I fell in love with the species. I have enjoyed learning about all the new morphs and am hoping to get a juvenile male within the next month or so.


Welcome back!

I’m not sure how much research you’ve done since being back but please read and keep this handy:


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Welcome back to the hobby @inthesun !
Much had changed in 10 years, but ball pythons are a great species to get started with :+1:

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Welcome back to herping!!!

Welcome back into the Hobby. Im down the road from you in Manteca.

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome back Dana!