Hello from Shreveport

Just thought I would introduce myself. I’ve been on here for a bit. My wife and I have a decent collection of 18 animals that constantly grows. We’ve started breeding this year and hope to for many more. We also breed rats, ASF, and mice. Just part of it I guess. I have a few pics to post but I’ll list our whole collection. Glad to be here and hope to learn a few things and make some new friends!

Bongo HGW spotnose yellowbelly
Orange Dream pinstripe yellowbelly
Blue eyed Lucy
Killer bee het axanthic
Black pastel het pied
VPI Axanthic het pied
Coral glow het clown het axanthic
Black pewter orange ghost

Pastel clown
Lesser bee malum
VPI Axanthic het pied
Banana pied
Highway (yellowbelly/gravel)
Blue eyed Lucy
Black pastel het pied
Leopard fire het ghost
Banana gargoyle


Mighty fine collection! Welcome aboard!

Love that HGW combo, and the banana gargoyle is pretty sweet too!

Welcome to.the community! Killer collection!
Thanks for sharing some pictures :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the community…that’s an awesome collection!!

Great lineup so far. Cant wait to see how your collection evolves. Welcome to the forums btw!