Hello from snoopdbl

Hello everyone I’m new to the community and I’m learning more and more about the ball pythons and the morphs. I’ve had pythons and monitors lizards in the past and never knew about the different morphs that existed. I’m a local tractor trailer driver and I’ve also driven over the road. I love the outdoors and working on cars and animals as well. I want to learn how to breed the ball pythons. I have r two adults females and one male that’s almost up to weight, from what I’ve read about on them. Any advice would be nice. Thanks in advance


Welcome…Quite a few ball python peeps in here that I’m sure will help get you started and will answer all your questions. I personally only have one ball python as I’m kind of picky about variety so I don’t usually keep more than one of the same species. Its hard because I want them ALL LOL. Once again welcome to the boards…Post some pics of your BP’s when possible.

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