Hello from SoCal!

Hey everyone, I’m from Southern California in the Mojave desert. I started getting into reptiles about 4 years ago. I got my first ball python, but they quickly grew boring and I wanted more. I eventually got a baby boa who to this day is my favorite snake of my collection, and I quickly fell in love with hognoses and burms too. It’s extremely hard to find friends out in the desert with a passion for reptiles, so usually I keep them to myself so as to not cause a panic throughout the desert. I’d love to get to know others and make friends!


Welcome to the MorphMarket Community! Be sure to share lots of pics of your collection. My favorite snakes are boas too.


Welcome to the community @morgxnstxrn! List westridge said, please share some pics!
Hogs are so cute, aren’t they? Wild personalities, ha-ha

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Hello and welcome! I am a fellow So Cal snake keeper myself!

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Awesome!! What do you keep? @nathan_e

I don’t have many professional pictures of the hognoses yet because they’re still relatively new and I want to make sure they have an established feeding schedule, so here is my little normal Layla (I’m thinking female but it could go either way), my female Snow Lorelei, my tiny male hypo burm Heino, and my male motley boa Aether :heart:


About 90% of my animals are ball pythons but I keep a few other things like cresteds, some colubrids and a few other things

Here’s one of my animals


I live in the same area, I only have a ball python but I love all animals and have an interest in all different types of reptiles and snakes! :smiley:

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