Hello from Tennessee

My name is Ryan. Just recently decided to get back into snake keeping. I use to have a ball python, red tail boa, and a burmese python. I currently have mixed reef tanks, 2 dogs, a cat, and 1 baby ball python. I want to learn more about the breeding and gene crossing.
Eventually I want to breed ball’s and start getting into other reptiles. I really enjoy having pets and they are just part of the family.



Welcome! I have a motley collection of animals as well haha. Snakes dogs fish. No salt water though. I can barely find help to care for my freshwater if i need to be away. Id definitely lose a saltwater tank haha

Hi there. I myself have owned a bearded dragon, lived with three ball pythons (they were my roommates, but we kind of communally took care of them.) Dogs and cats. About to get my own first snake, going with bull snake.

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Hello. I used to teach at Franklin High School (Franklin, TN). Beautiful part of the country. Welcome.