Hello I just hatched a gecko can you help I'd its morph

I’d like to see if you guys can help identify this little guy just completely not expecting this



I have never seen anything like this before! Super cool looking

That is a unique looking gecko what were the parents?

I think this is the mom but not to sure all my females were breed to the same male I cant find a pic right now I’ll upload when I’m out of work

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@videlsdad, you’ve got yourself a mack snow murphy patternless. Really nice, uncommon morph.

Thank you I appreciate the help

Mack Snow Murphy Patternless for sure. We hatched two of those not too long ago :slight_smile: It’s best to make sure to know what females you have and to know which eggs belong to which females. We always separate our girls to lay so we know the exact pairing :slight_smile: Nice Hatchling!

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