Hello, I’m new from Minnesota

Hello everyone!

I’m new to morph market (I’ve been an on and off window shopper for the last 2 or 3 years, but haven’t really ever made an account till now). I am an avid reptile lover although I suppose that’s no surprise :sweat_smile:, I will admit I have a fairly strong affinity for tropical reptiles.

I currently own:

  • 2 turtles (a female red eared slider named DaVinci and a female western painted named Donatello)
  • 2 dogs (a male 1/2 American pitbull terrier and 1/2 white german shepherd named Axel, and a male aussiedoodle named link).

I’ve had in my books a vast array of experience with several different species of reptiles including turtles, beardies, crested geckos, a bci Colombian “redtail” boa, a lemonblast ball python, and a clubtail iguana. I’m hoping to learn more as my experience grows and to learn as much as I can about the various wonders and species within the hobby!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome! Are chelonians your favorite type of reptile?


When I first got into the hobby with my western painted (who I still have now, it’s crazy to think of all the things we’ve survived together since ‘16) they were.

As I’ve gotten to dabble within the hobby, I would say their not my absolute favorite but they’ll always hold a soft spot in my heart. I’d have to say as of more recently gecko species like the several New Caledonian species have really piqued my interest and snagged my attention. As well as various python and boa species. :relaxed:


Welcome to the forum.
Nice to see another Minnesotan added to our ranks.
You mentioned boas and pythons peek your interest, I’m a snake guy myself.
What species of pythons and boas have you found interesting?



Even though I’ve owned a bci in the past I’m honestly torn :sweat_smile: I’m extremely small at 5’5” with absolutely zero upper body strength so species like reticulateds, burmeses, and larger boa/python species do interest me and I think some are absolutely gorgeous however I’m not physically fit enough to care for them properly once they get large and the fact some are almost double the length of myself and WAY thicker than I’d ever be able to lift definitely intimidates me quite a bit. Especially the idea of getting tagged accidentally once their older and them accidentally doing real damage to me because of a mistake I made.

I do enjoy smaller species like balls, and carpets have on and off piqued my interest (it’s been a hit or miss, and seems to depend on the individual snake itself). Although I also have been interested in a particular species of boa that was recommended to me by a friend in Cali. (although I’m COMPLETELY blanking on the name of them, but their a type of boa with markings similar to the Egyptian ankh symbol).


Good to see you know your limits. That’s important in our hobby.
I’m particular to reticulated pythons myself. I do keep some balls still, but retics are what I focus my energy on the most.
Have you ever looked into Super Dwarf retics? Some will stay very small and that gives individuals like yourself the opportunity to own them one day. I have a female that will only be about 7ft full grown and maybe 2500 grams. I know 7ft can still sound intimidating to some, but it’s a thin and lean 7ft, comparable to a carpet python or large bull snake.

There are some really nice boa species too. And some that will stay around 4-5 ft when full grown. I’m drawing a blank on what particular boa you’re referring to, maybe @westridge would be of some help. They are very knowledgeable about boas, and would most likely be able to figure out that locality for you.



I actually haven’t looked into super dwarfs, I knew that there was a dwarf species in retics but I didn’t know there were super dwarfs. I’ll have to look into the supers, because retics can be some of the most gorgeous pythons.

When I had my boa even though she was just a baby I loved watching her progress and get bigger, but the large sizes are definitely an intimidating factor.


I am not sure which species of boa would be described as having an Egyptian ankh symbol shaped markings. I will say that I am 4’11" and I handle snakes up to 8’. If you are looking for a smaller boa constrictor, I recommend a Central American or Mexican locality. I also own some dwarf Dumeril’s boas that I’m told will be under 5’, but you might have a hard time finding some for sale because they are very rare. Also, Rainbow Boas can be as long as 6’ but are very lightweight.


I’d recommend checking out Reach Out Reptiles youtube videos. He is by far one of the most experienced keepers and breeders of locality retics. There are a good amount of videos you can watch that will tell you what you’re looking for when purchasing a Super Dwarf. You have to be careful. Not every Super Dwarf will stay small, some can reach 11ft and that’s not a small snake. Plus the ones that will stay small, are usually expensive because they are highly sought after. Like any species, research is key, especially with Super Dwarfs.

The most beautiful pythons!! Just kidding of course, but they are very gorgeous and so smart and rewarding to work with. Once you have one, you won’t stop so be warned they are crazy addictive to own.


After owning my turtles, then getting a crestie I fully understand the issues of addiction to them :joy: I’ve thankfully learned to pace myself. Lately my way of dealing with that addiction since I had to downsize significantly 2 years ago, is to just spoil my turtle babies. :laughing: thankfully it’s so far worked as I have an empty viv that’s stayed empty for 2 years. But researching has always been something I’m huge into, especially because I have autism so learning something new helps keep me busy and it’s something I enjoy!

I’ll have to shoot my friend a message and see if he remembers what species the boa was, but rainbows have been something that I’ve been interested on here or there but I didn’t know much about them or their temperament. I’m someone who loves handling my reptiles (although I learned early on about body language so that I didn’t continually stress them out, and with my boa I learned the dos and donts handling wise well she was a baby to avoid any big mishaps like going off a feeding schedule/regurgitation.) I also learned early on with some of the cresties I owned at the time that some never will want to be held. I know species like tree pythons are from what I’ve heard VERY temperamental and almost a look at only animal, while I’ve seen quite a few people online handling rainbows without issue I didn’t know if they fell in the same temperament line as tree pythons or if they were a little more along the lines of “enjoying” it so to say as some ball pythons.


Rainbow boas can have attitude, but it can usually be overcome by consistent handling.

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That’s good to know, thank you :blush: