Help gecko wont lay and tail thinning

My leopard gecko female is in a 20 long by herself. Bred her january 5 because I saw ovulations. My other females have laid already they are doing great this season, but this girl is interested in eating still but I haven’t found poops recently. I know she is gravid her belly is swollen and Cleary 2 eggs can be seen. the hide is at 85% humidity and is at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. I have noticed her tail begin to thin. I also have been giving her warm baths every onw and then.

Leopard geckos can go a while without food. What are your temperatures and humidity in the general enclosure and on each side? Pictures would help us evaluate the gecko and give you better advice. She could be impacted and pictures of her underside would help.

oh ok Ill send those in just a bit. The tank is usually 68 to 70 on the cool side and warm side mid to high 80s. the hide box is 83-85 constantly. the humidity is around 80% on the outside it is around 60%. She is on a paper towel substrate with the hide box being coconut fiber sphagnum moss mix. Thank you for helping out everyone. Ill get those pictures up as soon as I am home from work.