Help help HELP!

so my Leo just ate a flower yes a FLOWER it was from outside pls help I don’t know what to do

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What flower? Can you get us a picture of the whole flower

What part of the flower did she eat? The petals, center, stem, or all of it? I’ll look into it a little bit more.

like a whole petil and some leaves i tried to pull it out of her mouth as fast as I could but she had already eaten it

Since bearded dragons can eat flowers I don’t think it’s always dangerous. Do you know what species of flower it is? If not where did it come from, a tree, bush, or an individual stem? I think feeding food and offering water would help so the flower is digested slower.
@mblaney What do you think about this. Do you think feeding food or giving water would help?

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no i don’t it came from the dirt outside

If you look up a picture of a texas paintbrush does it look similar? That’s the closest thing I can find to it.

yes thats the exact flower it is

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I don’t know what kind of flower that is. Many plants are toxic for a ton of reasons. I would call a reptile vet, after you have identified the flower, to ask if it’s toxic. Do it immediately.

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my mom wont take her to the vet

Would you be able to call a vet or ask a sibling to take you?

Also please do research on proper leo care. Your leo is constantly getting put in potentially hazardous conditions. Don’t give her stuff from outside if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Dude just call the vet, you can do that yourself.


i didn’t think she would eat it

i don’t own a phone

Castilleja species

For now try giving her food and make sure she has water. You can also very lightly mist her enclosure to raise the humidity. What food types do have for leos? If you have dubias, BSFL, silkworms, or hornworms feed some of those. If you don’t have them feed mealworms or what other insects you usually feed her. If you are able to contact a vet tell them that the flower can sometimes be high in selenium.

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i read that

I just did a quick dive and it looks like selenium issues with livestock (which are due to longer term exposure) are the primary issue. I did some (quick) reading about plant poisoning in reptiles and didn’t see anything mentioned. This does not absolve you of your responsibility to call an exotic vet and ask for help. I’m a veterinarian and a dog/cat vet is not enough.