Help id and estimated value 1st time breeder

Hey everybody the pairing was super mojave x black head , red gene, pos ringer gene. Looking for opinions on which babies have what I have a pretty good idea. But wanted to hear other opinions. Also an estimated value for each one thanks a bunch


Beautiful specimens, Black head mojave red gene & just black head mojave are my 2 opinions.
I know how much more vibrant or dark they look when young and also when born but they also remind me & very similarly look really close to a Red Axanthic orbit.
Super awesome BPs man, congrats!
Im steeping into the breeding scene myself as of about 6 months ago and are working with a few pairs now & i only hope my noodles produce as healthy as yours look.
Been in the game 20 years tho collecting so hopefully my opinion helps.

I just wanted to say these are super nice! Excellent excellent work!

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Thanks man

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Thank you.

These are your RGRG snakes; just going off pattern.


I agree! I also believe you have the ringer gene present in the clutch!

Thanks good luck

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