Help ID new pet

Is this a yb, was told breeding was enchi yellow belly to yellow belly pied.


Does not look YB to me.


I am no expert, Just guessing, but…
I don’t see enchi.
As for yellow belly. it does have flames but they look white, so I guess not YB.
But these days there are lots of possible genes in ball pythons so there could always be others hidden.
I guess only breeding would prove out your suspicions or any other morphs.
If one of the parents was pied it would be het pied. It does not seem to have pied markers, but het pides don’t always have them
I know the feeling, you just want to know. But does it really matter,? its a pretty snake.
it also has a some awesome alien heads.

Also it says you joined 3 hours ago, so welcome to the forums.


I didn’t even see the mention of enchi. Definitely no enchi in that one.


Just a normal I’d say…


I agree, looks to be a nice normal but could have hidden genes.

Just a normal, not a YB and definitely not enchi.


I agree with you on the no YB. I just don’t see the normal influence that @t_h_wyman talks about when he IDs for YB.

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So, I think people have gotten confused a bit here. The OP said the BREEDING had Enchi in it, not that the animal in question was Enchi:

I would like some better pics, but I could actually see this being a YB. There are a couple YB lines out there that are stupidly subtle and can give you a headache trying to figure out. It takes working with them to be able to really spot them. I happen to be [un]lucky enough, to have one of those YB lines in my collection


Doesn’t one have to consider the parentage when assessing the hatchling morph?
Edit: also is is not good to consider non member readers as well as the opening post?
Maybe I have the balance wrong, happy to be corrected.

Again, ( i have said this before) this is why I am only on this forum. its the best place to learn.
I never knew that. Thanks.

Depending on the nature of the question, yes the full parentage should be considered. In this case though, the OP was specific in their question:

So everyone then commenting that it was not Enchi was a answering a question that had not been asked :grin: :+1:t4:


I get it now. Thanks
@kopantman Sorry I didn’t mean to assume you didn’t know it was not enchi.
I should have read the post properly.