Help ID Please!

So first post on here, please correct me if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve had this handsome guy for some months now, and I really just need help figuring out what he could be. He is a Petsmart baby so I couldn’t just ask whoever hatched him. Certain traits of his throw me off. Please, any help whatsoever would be appreciated!


Super Hypo Carrot Tail near Baldy. This means he has no spots on the body (Super Hypo), orange on the tail (Carrot Tail) and very few spots on the head (near Baldy). If he had no spots on the head, he’d be an actual Baldy. These are all selectively bred (line bred) traits.


Thank you! That’s what I thought, but the coloration of his head and those faint stripes(?) on his back just made things a little confusing for me. Really appreciate it!