HELP ID please

I bought this stunning pied recently under the assumption of it being a normal pied and it looked so in the photos, but since I’ve had him my wife & i both notice a strong amount of orange on him & has led me to believe there’s more too him than previously known.
I have been asking for help with ID for a few days on several platforms & all responses have all been the same… Either GeneX or OD pied. Which i have no experience in either of those.

I would hate to tell or give wrong information to other’s if i am un sure myself & even after researching & comparing both genes listed above i still cannot arrive at a solid conclusion as to what traits my Pieball is carrying. So please i would love to hear everyone’s thoughts as to what he possibly could be. Thank you


Do you know the original pairing that would help a lot. Pied is tough to begin with to just guess without information is tough. And you won’t truly know until you prove it out.


Yeah ive been collecting 20 years and understand how much knowing the parents helps ID the snakes but i didn’t mention it because regardless of what they are there is still more to this little guy than what was mentioned thats in his mom or dad.
Dad was an Enchi pied and mom a normal as far as im aware. 100% thats not all there is, he has way too much orange to be normal pied, normals just dont look like this, i have several normals and he doesn’t even resemble them in the slightest besides the fact their both pieds

Enchi pied x normal can’t produce pieds so I’m confused.


Normal PIED…MOM…OBVIOUSLY not just a normal ball python.
Not trying to sound rude but i assumed that would be obvious since pieds dont come from non het normals BPs

No, nothing can be assumed when it comes to trying to find possible outcomes. That’s why pairing information should also involve the hets. Normal usually refers to the WT genotype, whereas a piedbald, even if is just a pied is called a pied.

It is a very simple misunderstanding


Well to me the hatchling looks like a normal pied no additional genes present. I have hatched quite a few pieds and I see nothing out of the ordinary to tell me it is anything other than pied. And welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is a couple normal pieds I hatched last year you can see they have quite a bit of orange as well. I happens a lot in single gene pieds


I agree, normal pied. They vary a lot, when we had ours he was very orange looking too. :blush:


Thank you guys a lot for helping me clarify that up, much appreciated guys