Help ID some rehomed geckos?

A friend of a friend had some reptiles to rehome and lived far from anywhere with a notable herp community. We now have these guys with our collection and while I planned to get into Leopard Geckos eventually I am more of a python gal. He knew which was male and which was female but he got them as a rehome as well and knew nothing on the genetics or parentage. I know they were both hatched in 2020 and would love to know what morphs they might be!

The Male:

The Female:

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They’re both so cute and chubby!

Judging by the speckling and more visible grey mottled look on the female’s tail I would say they’re both Murphy Patternless.
Can’t really tell you anything else though.


They look like they have been very well cared for! Nice and plump each of them! The male sure looks like he is smiling in the 2nd and 3rd pics! So so cute! :lizard::lizard::blush:

I agree with this, there’s no guaranteed way to tell between blizzard and patternless, but if I had to choose one I would go with patternless (but they could be either).