Help ID this snake

Hello, I am working on finding out what the pairing was it was sold to me as a black pastel pied with extra genes involved. Need some opinions please and can I get confirmation she is visual pied?


Looks more like ringers to me, the black pastel i definitely see, but it could be low expression pied… maybe mojave with how the lower half looks, but im not all that great at IDing. Those are just my observations


I would say black pastel het pied with possibly a yellowbelly complex gene? Do you know the pairing. Super neat looking snake!


That’s definitely a Black Pastel, but it’s definitely not a Pied.


My guess would be Black Pastel het Pied with some nice ringers. If she were a visual pied I’d expect a lot more white and more distortion of the pattern. Usually, visual pieds don’t have distinct alien heads (or keyholes, donuts, or whatever you call them).

Did they say anything about what the extra genes might be? I don’t see anything else in particular, but if someone told me she had yellowbelly or something subtle I might believe it.

Pic of a black pastel pied I produced a few years ago for comparison:

And here’s a black pastel enchi pied:

You can see that even though there’s a lot more color on this girl, there are no distinct alien heads. The pied gene tears those up and blends them into the rest of the pattern for the most part.


I’m with everyone saying it’s a het pied with nice ringers. Black pastel for sure.

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Black Pastel het Pied without a question