Help identify hatchlings please

Hey guys! I just hatched my first clutch of babies but identifying the morphs is a little tricky. So I thought I’d reach out and ask for help. The pairing was a Mojave to a banana ghi lesser.

Here are all the babies

The 2 I’m having trouble with are the banana combos. I can’t figure out the difference between banana mojaves and banana lessers.

Snake 1

Snake 2

The last one I’m not sure if he’s a banana or a banana ghi. But he hasn’t shed out yet so I’ll update with his pic later.


Like you said, it should be easier after they shed. Currently I don’t think he has ghi, looks like a banana lesser/Mojave. Congratulations on your first clutch!

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The two snakes have shed haha. And I’m trying to distinguish between mojave and lesser.

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Snake 1- banana Mojave

Snake 2- banana lesser


That’s also what I’d say :blush:

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I agree.

1 - banana Mojave
2 - banana lesser

Congratulations, they look great