Help identify my beardies

So before I say anything I know her front legs are messed up she was like that when I got her I have proper lighting and everything for her I just wanna know what they are if they’re both normal or what I bought the more yellow one (Xerxes) from a pet store so I figured he was a normal but he’s much brighter than my other the patterns are slightly different and he has a white beard where hers is really red I’m just curious what they are


@westridge could be able to help with the morphs.
The one with messed up legs likely has MBD. Feeding them foods higher in calcium and dusting foods should help. Be sure to keep them seperate (this is good practice anyways but very important now).

I’m having a little trouble seeing them clearly in this photo, but I would say the one on the left is a normal and the one on the right is orange. Colors (orange, red, yellow ect) in bearded dragons are not actually morphs, just variations created by selected breeding.

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Ive been making sure to give her a higher calcium diet as well to try and help she can move around just fine though but I keep them separated I just put them together for the picture to get a comparison

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