Help identifying Banana clutch please!

Hello! I had a clutch in May that I would love some help identifying. One parent has several genes and I am having a hard time identifying the combos!
The mother is a Pied, and no other genes were disclosed to me when I got her. The father is a Banana Blade Leopard Clown from Dan of Old School Reptiles.
There are 6 babies in the clutch, 2 are Banana (male) though one is much brighter yellow than the other. The attached photos on white background are from about a month ago (so about 6 months old), please let me know if more are needed. Thanks in advance for your expertise!



Babies 1-4:

The fourth baby was born with some kind of birth defect, where she has a hard lump near her tail. While she’s smaller than her siblings, she’s never missed a meal and is doing great!

And here’s the banana boys, as you can see they are slightly different in color and I’m having a hard time telling what additional morph is at play.

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