Help identifying leo

Hello, could anyone tell me its morph? :slight_smile: Just got myself a new baby <3


Gorgeous little baby. Congrats on your new friend!

This is super subjective and my personal thoughts! I’m sometimes a bit harder on the polymorphic traits than others can be…
At current appearance, I would call your baby a Hypo. As your baby grows, the spots on the back may fade away even more and they might get more of an orange color. At that point I would say Super Hypo Tangerine.

Tangerine is a bit of toughie because it’s very polymorphic and standards can vary from person to person. Some may already call your baby a tang, but I feel the standard has progressed so far that this would be lower on the bar than it was 10 years ago.

It looks like some orange may come in on the first band of the tail. I personally don’t consider calling them carrot tail until it starts creeping into the 20% of the tail range as many Leo’s will have a bit of orange at the tail base.

Hope this helps! I’d love to see progression pics as those spots fade. =)


I am not equipped to identify the morph but I can positively say that this baby is one little cutie! He or she poses perfectly!

Congratulations! :blush::wink::snake::lizard::frog:

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HERE is a post to check out if you are looking for super accurate info. But offhand I’d say all you can tell at that age is: Jungle pattern, likely High Yellow, and ridiculously cute! Just look at that little face!


He is super cute! I love the high yellow stuff!

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Here’s my girl (I think) aging like fine wine🥰 We
named her Sausage🖤

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