Help Identifying me leopard gecko

Hi this is gabriel he is a male 3 month old leopard gecko is it possible someone can help me identify his morph he is healthy just he was from petco so I don’t know his morph

Looks like a hypo. He still has a few spots on his back. Anything less than 5 spots would be considered a super hypo. It’s hard to count from that angle and he still has some growing to do so they may darken up.

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Yeah i saw the blue eyes on the hypo and i was thinking hypo

The first one is a baby hypo the second and third are my gecko

Never mind normals also have the blue above the eyes

I would definitely say hypo based on the other photo of him laying flat. Too many spots to be a super hypo.

If they fade out a bit more, he miiiiiight be considered super by some, but he would be something I consider lower quality for breeding in a super hypo group. He would most likely throw more hypo or high yellow colored offspring than you would want.
But I also tend to be a bit strict with my polymorphic leopard gecko traits because I feel like too many people water them down but still try to market them as a higher quality than they really are.

For a pet quality though, he’s a nice looking little guy.

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I saw a little bit of orange on the base of his tail when i was feeding him it was a small highlight wold it be possible he’s carrot tail if i think correctly but if i was to breed him i would sell the babies for like 10 dollars each

A little bit of orange is normal in all leopard gecko tails. It’s another one of the line bred traits like hypo.

Price wise that’ll all be up to you.

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@bennyandjammy , please read this post about Morph ID in store bought reptiles & why you should not breed them: