Help identifying this ball python

A guy I know was sold this female as a Straight Leopard and he bred her to a normal and this is what one of the babies look like? What do y’all think

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And this is the mom that was sold as a Leopard

Can we see a picture of the normal sire?

And better pictures of the hatchling. It has a funky dorsal going.

That’s the thing he got rid of him

And believe me I tried finding the sire because I want to get him and this female and see if there’s anything there because the baby looks very different

That hatchling is just very wacky to me for the mom that’s in that picture I posted to just be leopard or Vice verse with the sire

Do you have more pictures of the hatchling? And what does the rest of the clutch look like?

I don’t have more pictures and he said all the others looked like normals and he believes that the female is the one that might have the other gene in her and that’s the other picture I posted and he said she’s leopard

Does the mom even look leopard to you? She looks more like a normal don’t she? Or is she just a subtle looking leopard?

She looks like a normal to me. But leopard is not a gene I’m super good with. The hatchling definitely has something going on.

I also feel like the mom looks normal but could be wrong

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