Help IDing a handsome chap?

Hi folks.

I bought this lad as a hatchling from a local pet store. He was sold to me as: Granite Stripe female (turned out to be male :see_no_evil::rofl:)
I was never 100% sure if that was correct but as he grew I felt it less and less likely.
Now I’ve been told he’s cinder at least, so I’m hoping you wonderful lot would be able to give me some ideas on what he is, I do believe he is cinder but what else is at play?

Thanks so much!

This is the image I received prior to purchase:

This is him when he was small.

This is more recent pics:


His belly is absolutely nuts! What a gorgeous snake! I think cinder stripe is what we’re seeing here. I don’t see any other genes.


It is nuts isn’t it, I love it, it’s so iridescent.
Fantastic, thank you very much!


Diffused might be a possibility as well, but honestly I can’t tell. Cinder stripes are already quite rare. Diffused cinder stripe would be even more rare.


Would diffused blank his belly out?
Is it the cinder causing the crazy belly?

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Cinder is definitely causing the crazy belly. My cinders have something similar, but not nearly as extreme. Diffused does clear the belly checkers, but that doesn’t really help here because stripe does that too.


Hm true, so no way to really know… at least without test breeding.

Beautiful cinder stripe! Did you buy with plans to breed?


Thank you! Yes I did have intentions to breed him.

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I would be looking for a partner for him if he were one of mine. When did you discover he was a she, and not a granite? Just curious since those mean some important changes, not least of which is that pesky gender switch for a prospective mate.